Born in Akron Ohio, a big Sports Fan. As my journey progressed through the school years I didn’t really realize what was passing me by daily. That changed with 8 years in the service of our country. It’s like whiplash growing up during that time.
I did travel much of that period, learning along the way what I liked and adapted what I enjoyed into my life. I at this point I am a 3 – time published author, fiction only and able to draw from my diverse life experiences. I also graduated into painting some time with oils others in acrylics. I really am driven by music especially while painting. I dabbled for a time in Sculpture using Clay and cold cast Bronze method. When my wife and I purchased our first home and added a pool. Now nothing goes better with that then a colorful home and garden plan and over the years we have enjoyed a floral array in our back yard.
Presently I’m training to learn how to road race, quite the shock at
my age to suddenly realize you have to learn all over again what it is and how to do it.
That’s a small map of what I am. Presently retired from 45+ years in outside sales and I’m now working online to find and secure the best deals available.